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Don't give up on your glass-top stove

New glass-top stoves can cost a lot, often $150 or more. Don't waste your time and money, get it fixed instead. Sometimes the problems are astonishingly easy to fix, which means you'll be cooking again in no time. Don't delay, call us today.

Burner Stove

When a burner doesn't turn on, your whole range doesn't have to be replaced. More often than not, the problem is a faulty wire. Call now, and get your stovetop working again.


In the scary event that a burner won't turn off, you can call to get your switch replaced. Make an appointment with us and get rid of a serious fire hazard today.

Is your burner just not working?

Do you have to waste precious time waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature? Do you find that your food is undercooked, even with five minutes added to the cooking time? Will your oven controls just not work?


Get your oven controls, baking elements, and oven clocks replaced today for a faster, better cooking experience.

Does your oven frustrate you?

Enjoy cooking again, call for stove repairs


Is your stove problem irritatingly complicated? Call now to figure out what we need to fix this issue.