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Fix your laundry problems

Fix your laundry problems today

Do you have to fish your clothes out of a puddle of water every time you use the washer? Are you dealing with a dryer that won't do its job? Is your washer trying to flood the laundry room? We can help you fix these problems and more, so washing your clothes will be easy again.

Solve your appliance issues Repair man
  • Do you have an overflowing washer? Paul's Appliance Repair can replace any faulty valves, so your washer can run again.

  • Does water stay in your washer after the cycle is done? Have us replace your drain pump.

  • Is your dryer just not doing its job? Our replacement belts, bearings, thermal fuses, and heat elements will get that dryer running again

Solve your appliance issues

If you're just not sure what the problem is, don't hesitate to contact us anyway. Together, we can talk over the phone and figure out what your washer or dryer needs. The owner of the business has 35 years of experience, and is dedicated to working through even the most exotic problems.

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